French Omelette Recipe

French Omelette

Prep Time


Cook Time

7 – 10

Serving Yield


Bring the taste of France to your table with this delicious French Omelette recipe featuring Farmers Hen House eggs, from the egg-credible and egg-mazingly talented Morgan Berrington of @forkmylifechi.


2 Farmers Hen House eggs

1 tsp ghee or butter + extra


Freshly ground black pepper



Using a small non-stick pan, heat over medium-low heat.

Step 2

Beat the eggs together in a bowl until no white streaks are left.

Step 3

Once the pan is warm, add the ghee or butter.

Step 4

Once the ghee/butter is melted and foamy, pour the beaten eggs into the non-stick pan.

Step 5

Quickly season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Step 6

Using a rubber spatula, make some small circular motions while stirring your eggs to form small curds. Do this quickly so as not to let the eggs get any color.

Step 7

Continue stirring until 60% of the eggs have formed into small curds.

Step 8

Using your spatula, spread out the egg into a round flat shape and let it cook on one side making sure your eggs are not getting any color.

Step 9

Once the base of the egg mixture has solidified and 80% of the curds are cooked, start rolling your omelette.

Step 10

Using your spatula take one side of omelette and make a small fold.

Step 11

Keep rolling the omelette into a “jelly roll.”

Step 12

Turn the omelette on to your plate and brush some extra butter or ghee on top to give a shine and dig in!

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