Organic Eggs

Farmers Hen House eggs are 100 percent USDA Certified Organic. All our eggs come from sustainable Amish and Mennonite family farms in and around Bloomfield and Kalona, Iowa. Our families work together to bring your family top-quality eggs laid by hens living a natural life.

Organic Eggs

Organic Eggs At A Glance

Here are just a few benefits of our organic eggs. All hens are:

  • Fed a 100 percent organic non-GMO diet. In fact, many of our farmers grow the grains right on their own farms. This means hens eat food with no animal byproducts, no antibiotics, and no hormones. *
  • Allowed free range. Nice weather means happy hens, especially when they spend their time in large grassy pens with plenty of room to roam.
  • Free to explore. Our hens are never confined or placed in cages. Our barns are wide and open, with perches, roomy nests, dust bathing areas, and curtains to allow fresh air and sunshine.
  • Certified humane raised and handled farms. Each of our farms is certified with Humane Farm Animal Care. Animal welfare is always our first concern.
  • Handled by environmentally responsible farmers. Raising organic eggs begins with a commitment to organic farming. Organic agriculture results in healthy, chemical-free soil that produces high-yield crops. It's just one more way we support our family farming practices.
  • * The use of hormones is strictly prohibited for poultry in the United States.

Organic Large

Our organic large brown eggs are USDA certified and are the mainstay of our organic line.

Large Organic Eggs

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Pasture-Raised Organic Large

These eggs come from hens spending much of their time outdoors on very large range areas.

Pasture Raised Large Organic Eggs

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Organic Jumbo

Our organic jumbo brown eggs are USDA certified and are popular with those who like to find a double-yolk from time to time.

Jumbo Organic Eggs

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