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More than an egg illustration

More Than An Egg

When we say we’re more than an egg it’s not hyperbole.  We know that marketing anything can make way for lots of jargon and superlatives,

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Organic Eggs stacked in bulk

Organic Eggs: Top 5 Facts

While certified organic eggs have been around since the 1990s, much of the public still doesn’t exactly understand what it means that something is certified

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Hen House Build

Stages of A Hen House

What’s in a hen house?  Hens, for one.  But how can hens live a high-quality life in the hen house, keeping them protected, healthy, and

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Pastured rooster

Pasture-Raised Eggs: Top 5 Facts

Have you ever wondered about what makes pasture-raised eggs “pasture-raised“?  Sometimes labels like “pasture-raised” can seem like a marketing gimmick.  The truth is in part,

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Double Yolks

Double Yolks

When seeing double isn’t such a bad thing… Chances are when you find one double yolk in a carton, there will be more waiting.  That’s

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Punny hen book cover composite graphic

Top Hen Reads

Like most people, we enjoy our egg puns.  It just so happens, as an egg company, we get to have a little more fun with

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Grain cycle infographic

On-Farm Grain Cycle

Sustainability is important on so many levels at Farmers Hen House. And sometimes sustainability means getting dirty!  Like with our On-Farm Grain Cycle, in which

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Pastured hen on metal wheel

Our Hens

Our Hens are an extension of our families.  While they may not receive the exact same treatment as our children, it’s not far from it.  We

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Amish farmer holding eggs

Our Farmers

Our Farmers are the reason why we exist (hence the name).  Farmers Hen House began with the mission to provide local Amish and Mennonite farmers with

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Solar panels for egg processing plant

Our Environment

Our Environment is of the highest priority.  That is why we are committed to keeping our carbon footprint low, and why we have the only 100

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Amish barn raising

Our Community

Our Community is the heart of why we do, what we do, the way we do it.  That is why we care for hens, the farmers,

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