The Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs (and Soft Boiled Eggs) Every time!

Perfect hard boiled egg
Different cooking time and readiness stages of boiled eggs

Perfect hard boiled eggs…

(and soft boiled eggs) are in the eye, and more importantly, time of the beholder.  As a result, if you’re looking for your perfect hard boiled egg consider how hard of a yolk you like.  Certain consistencies of yolks can compliment certain dishes (e.g. soft boiled for dishes like Ramen, hard-boiled for dishes like egg salad), while personal preference will determine the yolk’s consistency for a hard-boiled egg as a stand alone dish.

Tips for Perfecting Hard Boiled Egg & Soft Boiled Eggs

There are countless videos demonstrating the perfect hard boiled egg techniques.  From what’s the best pot to use (e.g. cast iron or stainless steel), to how to avoid cracks (once eggs are in turn heat down to simmer), there is a wealth of information on boiling the perfect egg.  So while there might not necessary be a need for more recommendations, we’ll give you our two cents, because after all, we know a thing or two about eggs.

  1. Don’t put eggs in your pot until the water is boiling.  It doesn’t matter what kind of pot you use, just so long as the water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Once the eggs are in the pot, reduce heat to a simmer.  This will help prevent the eggs from moving around and likely cracking.
  3. Once eggs are in the pot immediately set your timer.
  4. Once timer goes off immediately move your eggs to an ice bath to stop the cooking process and maintain the intended texture.

Time & Texture

Time impacts texture.  Here’s a list of what to expect with the time the eggs spend boiling and the texture that results.

hard boiled egg
eggs in varying degrees of availability depending on the time of boiling eggs
  • 5 minutes: A runny yolk and spongy white. Perfect for an egg cup.
  • 7 minutes: A jammy yolk with a soft white. Perfect for breakfast toast, ramen, etc.
  • 9 minutes: A soft but firm yolk.  Perfect for warm salads.
  • 11 minutes: The beginning of hard boiled egg (harder yolk on the outside with a touch of softness in the middle). Perfect by itself.
  • 15 minutes: Standard hard boiled egg with light yolk and a buoyant white.  Perfect for egg salad.



How Long Do Boiled-Eggs Last?

deviled egg recipe states that you can keep hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator for up to a week in their shell.  If the eggs are peeled, it’s recommended that you eat them within a few days.

Hopefully this short article helps contribute to your eggmazing hard-boiled egg creations!