Our Story

Farmers Hen House began in 1997 with Amish farmer, Eldon T. Miller’s dream that producing organic eggs could be a way to keep small local family farms competitive in a modern economy.

The business began with just 3 farms, but soon began to grow beyond the expectations and capacity of Eldon’s Amish lifestyle. In 2000, Mark Miller took ownership of the company, continuing the tradition of working with local family farms.

Today, Farmers Hen House has grown from 3 farms to over 50. Mark’s son Ryan, is now the president and co-owner of Farmers Hen House and oversees the egg grading and distribution facility in Kalona, Iowa. It’s where eggs from the network of family farms are cleaned, graded and packaged. The network includes mostly local Amish and Mennonite farms, as well as farms in Bloomfield, Iowa, and northern Missouri.