Our Story

Farmers Hen House began in 1997 with an Amish man's idea that producing organic eggs could be a way to keep small farms in the Kalona, Iowa area sustainable.

Farmers Hen House Story

The business began with just a few farms, but soon began to grow. In 2000, a local man, Mark Miller, took ownership of the company, continuing the tradition of working with area family farmers.

As Farmers Hen House continued to expand, Miller's children — Ryan and Rachelle — joined the business. After Rachelle stepped away to raise her children, Ryan became part owner and general manager.

Today, Farmers Hen House operates an egg grading and distribution facility in Kalona, Iowa. It's where eggs from our network of family farms are cleaned, graded and packaged. Our network includes mostly local farms, as well as farms in Bloomfield, Iowa and northern Missouri.

Our Promise To You

Farmers Hen House is growing — we continue adding new customers, family farmers, and employees — but our philosophy has never changed. Farmers Hen house will provide the highest quality eggs to our customers, sustainable markets for our family farmers, and jobs to members of our community.