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Pasture-Raised Eggs

Pasture-Raised eggs come from hens that spend a substantial amount of their day outdoors. Each of our hens has the freedom to roam the pastures as they please, eating their fill of grass and foraging for bugs. Our production of Pasture-Raised eggs is indicative of our commitment to sustainable small-scale farms, which enables us to continue this tradition of ethical farming.
Outdoor Standards Include:​
Indoor Standards Include:
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On-Farm Grain Cycle

Many of our farmers grow all or some of the grain required by their hens. This creates a sustainable on-farm cycle of growing grain, feeding it to the hens, then taking their waste and returning it to the fields to fertilize the next crop.
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Why Pasture-Raised?

While Pasture-Raised eggs might cost more on the shelf, the quality of eggs you’re getting far outweighs its cost, and provides you with the peace of mind that you’re eating eggs that not only taste good, but do good for you and the hens!