Solar Energy

Solar Energy and Farmers Hen House:

  • 100% Solar Powered. Farmers Hen House's processing plant is powered 100% by solar energy.
  • Partnership with Farmers Electric Cooperative. When Farmers Electric Cooperative was looking for a way to move away from fossil fuels, they found there was not enough wind in their area to utilize wind turbines. In order to diversify, FEC took the step in using solar energy. They approached Farmers Hen House about a field to the west of our property.
  • Solar Farm. 4.5 acres of solar panels were installed in 2014 on a field adjacent to Farmers Hen House's property. At the time, this Solar Farm was the largest solar installation in Iowa. Since then, another solar farm has been installed which has more solar panels than ours. We are happy to be in the company of another great source of alternative energy.
  • Solar Expansion. In 2016, the solar farm was expanded to the total of 9 acres. As our business grows we may be assured there will be enough solar energy to support our needs.