Our Environment

Our Environment is of the highest priority.  That is why we are committed to keeping our carbon footprint low, and why we have the only 100 percent solar-powered egg processing plant in the country.  We believe that what we put into the environment is what we get out of it, and for us, as farmers who depend upon a healthy and stable environment for our livelihood, caring for the environment is caring for us, our families, our hens, our eggs, and for our customers.  That too is why we protect our soil with sustainable and organic farming practices.  Additionally, many of our farmers grow their own grain for the hens on their farms. This provides a closed loop of production on a farm, meaning the farmer grows the crops, feeds the grain to the hens, then spreads the manure produced back on the fields, which provides the next round of grain. This keeps the entire cycle on the farm without having to move around grain and pull in products from non-local sources.

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Our commitment to stewarding our environment with excellence and integrity is directly related to our commitment to providing our customers with an excellent and honest egg.  We want you to eat well, which means eating without worry.