Pasture Raised Eggs, Free Range Eggs; They’re Just Eggs… Or Are They?

Whether pasture raised eggs, free range eggs, an egg is an egg is an egg… Or is it?

What might make an egg more than just an egg?  For us, it’s farmers.  But not just any farmers.  It takes farmers who are farming with their hens, environment, and community in mind.  That’s farming like the world depends on it.  Where does this kind of farming come from?

For us, it came from one local Amish farmer, Eldon T. Miller

Farmers Hen House Founder Eldon MillerIn 1997, Eldon founded Farmers Hen House with a dream to help local organic farmers make a living by getting their organic eggs to retail. In 2000, Eldon passed the torch to Mark and Ryan Miller who continue to help local farmers produce eggs that not only taste good, but do good for the hens, farmers, environment, and most importantly, for you!

Our eggs are only as good as the hens they come from.  That’s why make sure they have the best life they possibly can have.  The good life that we provide for our hens comes naturally to us.  That’s because we have been farming humanely for generations and why we’re Certified Humane.

organic pasture-raised farmerOur farmers are the reason why we exist (hence the name).  For most farmers, envisioning a life without farming is hard, if not impossible to do. Since all our farmers have generational farms, they carry on the legacies that have been cultivated in the land generations before them.

Our environment is of the highest priority.  That is why we are committed to keeping our carbon footprint low, and why we have the only 100 percent solar-powered egg processing plant in the country.  We believe that what we put into the environment is what we get out of it.

Amish farmer holding eggs

Our community is the heart of why we do, what we do, the way we do it.  That is why we care for hens, the farmers, and our environment with the greatest attention to detail.  It’s also why we have given away over millions of eggs and dollars to food banks and charities.  It’s how we bring eggs to your table that not only taste good, but do good.

At Farmers Hen House we’re farming like the world depends on it because we know your world depends on you.