More Than an Egg.

Our eggs not only taste good, but do good for the hen, the farmer, the environment, and the community.


Unlike industrial farms, we leave the barn doors open during the day so our hens can stretch their legs and lead a healthy life.

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Organic Free-Range

The hens laying these eggs enjoy a healthy organic Non-GMO diet in addition to plenty of space to roam.

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Our pasture-raised hens enjoy 108 square feet per bird, providing acres of opportunity to feed on grass and forage for bugs.

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Pasture-Raised Organic

Discover our commitment to ethical farming practices by savoring our Pasture-Raised Organic eggs, sourced from hens that freely roam and forage on lush pastures, embodying sustainable, small-scale farm traditions.

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At Farmers Hen House, sunny-side has an entirely different connotation. That’s because our processing plant, along with a number of our small family farms, are powered by solar energy.

Solar Panels

We want our hens to have the best life they possibly can, which is why we are Certified Humane®. Learn more

Since the beginning, we have existed to help small Amish and Mennonite farms flourish by connecting their specialty eggs to a wider market. Learn more

As farmers who depend upon a healthy and stable environment for our livelihood, caring for the environment is caring for our hens, our families and our customers. Learn more

Community is at the heart of what we do. Learn more

These hens enjoy a healthy diet void of any antibiotics, chemical pesticides or GMOs. Research shows that USDA Organic eggs contain higher levels of antioxidants and other nutrients, like omega-3 and CLA essential fatty acids.  They also keep the soil free of toxic herbicides and pesticides, which is better for you and the environment.


In addition to using Organic methods, Pasture-Raised eggs are laid by hens who have open access to the outdoors where they can roam and forage to their hearts-content.


As the name suggests, these hens are given opportunities throughout the day to roam freely outside, while also having the option to stay inside if they wish.

Certified Humane is a program of Humane Farm Animal Care. This certification ensures that all of our hens are receiving the highest standard of care.


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