Cage-Free Eggs

Farmers Hen House Cage-Free egg come from sustainable Amish and Mennonite family farms in and around the Kalona, IA area.

100% Cage Free Eggs

Cage-Free Eggs At A Glance

The advantages of cage free eggs are clear. Our hens:

  • Enjoy freedom! From day one, our hens never see a cage. Our barns are spacious with perches, roomy nests, dust bathing areas, and lots of fresh air and sunlight.
  • Eat a healthy and wholesome diet. Cage-free hens eat a high quality conventionally grown diet, formulated by local feed companies.
  • Live on certified humane raised and handled farms. Our farmers are passionate about animal welfare. Certification with Humane Farm Animal Care guarantees our hens receive the highest standard of care.
  • Lay both white and brown eggs. Did you know different breeds of hens lay different colored eggs? All have the same great taste and offer the same great nutrition. But it's always fun to pick from a variety of eggs.

Cage Free Large White

These are white eggs laid by cage free hens. Did you know the breed of the hen determines shell colors? Nutritional value and the way they are produced are the same as the brown eggs.

Cage Free Large White Eggs

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Cage Free Jumbo

These are jumbo brown eggs laid by cage free hens. Due to their size, they may contain a double-yolk from time to time.

Cage Free Jumbo Egg

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