About Farmers' Hen House

Egg Inspection

Our History

Farmers' Hen House was started in 1997 by an Amish man in order to provide local Iowa farmers with a way to keep their small farms sustainable. In 2000, Mark Miller took ownership of the company and continued its founder's legacy of using only small, family farms.

As the business has grown, Mark’s children, Ryan and Rachelle, have become part of Farmers' Hen House.

Our Farms

We only use small family farms to supply our customers with high quality eggs produced from hens that are taken care of in a humane, responsible way. We believe that when hens are given space to move and behave naturally that they will be healthier overall, and in turn, produce a better tasting, more nutritious egg.

Most of the farms producing our eggs are within 10 miles of our processing facility, with all farms within 100 miles - in the heart of southeast Iowa. The Amish and Mennonite families operating the farms that supply our eggs have been farming for generations. Furthermore, many of the farms also grow the grain that is fed to their chickens. This creates situations where our farmers can be self-sustaining units of food production.

Our Standards

At Farmers' Hen House, we believe that humane treatment of our hens results in great tasting eggs. Organic eggs also provide overall good nutrition and protection from harmful additives and hormones. Our eggs are raised with the standards of:

  • Local, sustainable farming
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Humane animal treatment
  • USDA organic standards

Learn more about our organic, cage-free, and humane practices.